Introducing Access Canada.

There are all kinds of accessibility-related conversations going on all over the freaking place, be they for the blind, the wheelchair-bound, the deaf, what have you. Regardless to the disability, we all have one important thing in common–when it comes to doing most if not all of what we’d like to do completely independantly, opportunities for it suck royally. When it comes to finding solutions, we’re usually all split off into our own little corners to discuss what might be best for our particular group. That’s why I’m aiming at starting a discussion list, which could hopefully morph into something a little more constructive, to attempt to address those problems in one near central location.

Hence, Access Canada was born only a few hours ago. From the wheelchair-bound senior to the teenager just now learning braille, there’s always at least one answer to the common question–how do we make life work for me? If you’ve got an interest in the conversation, and an interest in discussing not just what has to be done but how we, as the ones affected, can start doing it, then I’d strongly encourage you to investigate and subscribe to the Access Canada mailing list. You can find info and subscription instructions here. And, of course, if you have any questions about the list, either leave a comment here or let me know privately, and I’ll do what I can to answer. There’s a ton of conversation to be had out there on this, with probably a lot more mutual ground than most people realize. So let’s have it. What have we got to lose besides the time it takes to write an email?

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