Now there’s a model parent if ever I saw one.

Suddenly, all the bad parenting stories I’ve heard in my life–yes, including the one about the kid smoking 2 packs a day–don’t seem quite so bad as this. Mom physically abuses her two-year-old, gives him crack for 14 months, nearly kills him, and winds up with 8 years in jail. Meanwhile, the kid’s pretty much, according to the article, not going to amount to a whole lot of anything–he’s pretty well brain fried, among other things.

Excluding the fact she had to have child services called on her before she took the kid to hospital for broken bones they’re saying she caused, what kind of brain dead thinking would make someone believe cocaine would do anything but screw this kid up? Granted it doesn’t look as though she particularly cared one way or another what it did, but still. There are more than a few things wrong with this situation, not the least of which being in the list of charges she was found guilty of, I don’t see attempted murder listed there. Granted I’m not a parent, but geebus criminy. There’s something broken with this system if a situation like that lands someone with a light sentence. All I’ll say is thank the divine power of the week we got rid of 2 for 1. Now at least she’ll be in there for 5 years, as opposed to significantly less. Yes, I already said it. But I’m gonna say it again. This system is broken.


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