OC Transpo drivers bitch about calling stops, no one really cares.

Drivers of Ottawa’s bus system say punishments for not calling stops, which have so far been restricted to suspensions of between 1 and 5 days, are unfair. They blame all the usual excuses–people not taking into account driver distractions, such as other customers talking to them, or needing to keep an eye on trafic, for the lack of stop callage. Because, you know, it’s just not possible to have the customer shut up for 30 seconds while he announces the next stop. Meanwhile, OC Transpo’s been fined already, after multiple warnings to call out stops–at least the major ones. You’d think after the first few, they’d start to learn. My money’s on folks getting fired before this fixes itself. At least, I hope to God someone does. Preferably, the next moron to decide it’d be easier/better/faster to just, well, forget to call the stop. Speaking as someone who’s missed a fair few stops because the driver “forgot”, I kind of suspect it’s gonna take at least that much.

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