And sometimes, Canada Post isn’t quite useless.

It’s a rare thing when it happens, but a pleasant thing. On the odd occasion, when investigating exactly how much money I’m supposed to be putting into how many hands and how soon, I come across a small detail left over from October’s move that I thought I’d rectified, only to have it slap me in the face with a big fat no you didn’t. This happened yesterday. Well, actually, it’s been happening fairly often, but mostly yesterday. I was logging in to get an account number for something that demanded I waste no time in forking over my life savings, and the savings of my future children, to satisfy a bill payment. Well okay so perhaps not quite that bad. And in doing so, I come to two very distinct realizations. I’m not actually *getting* a large portion of my bills the way I’m supposed to be getting them–specificly, online. And I’m not getting them that way because Canada Post’s website still believes I live in my old apartment in Ottawa. That, and because I’d neglected to add one or two of my new accounts to the list of accounts for which to send me online bills, but largely it’s the former. So here I am, sitting in the new apartment now for 2 months, and I’m still grasping for the finer details of some of my newer required expenses (rental fee for a hot water tank, anyone?), and our postal service, which tries its very best to at times equal the US postal service, still thinks I haven’t moved. One would think that to be the third thing I change over–next to my phone number and banking info, but apparently, that’s not how I think. Sometimes, I don’t necessarily need technology to have a minor fail moment. And sometimes, surprise of surprises, technology makes my potentially minor fail moments look slightly more like moronic WTF moments. Which, while aren’t much better, I’ll still take. But, for a rare first, a crown corporation, under direct regulation of the Government of Canada, actually managed to prevent me from completely breaking things rather than being the reasin things end up breaking. I take back most of the things I said about crown corporations. Not all, just most. And I’ll probably say them again before 2010’s over, but we’ll burn that bridge when we get there. Until then, I’ll let the small surprise of Canada Post not entirely being useless sink in a little. Okay, that’s better.

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