Well, it’s not a job, but they’re paying me.

And it’s accessibility related, so naturally, I was all over this. They’re gonna pay me $65 or so if I qualify to take this study, for the sole purpose of seeing how accessible my cell phone is. And apparently, if you choose to use your own cell phone for the process, they’ll throw extra money at you to cover it. I won’t say no to $80 for showing up and texting.

——————————–PARTICIPANTS NEEDED FOR a study of Cellphone Based Payment Systems

Researchers at the Neil Squire Society in cooperation with the Canadian Institute for the Blind are conducting a study to better understand how making retail product purchases using cellular phones can impact members of the Blind Community.

The ultimate goal of this project is to identify potential barriers that would make it difficult for people who are blind to complete mobile retail transactions and to make industry aware of these issues.

We are currently recruiting individuals who are blind, who currently use a cellular phone, and who know how to send and receive a Text Message and use a Web Browser on a cellular phone.

Eligible participants will be asked to participate in one 2 hour test session which involves using 4 types of payment services. You will receive a $65 honorarium for your time.

If you live in Ottawa, Ont, Regina, Sk or Vancouver, BC we would like to hear from you.

To learn more about this research and your eligibility, please contact:

OTTAWA: Ms. Joanne Ahern
Research Assistant, Neil Squire Society
Telephone: (613) 723-3575
EMAIL: joannea@neilsquire.ca

REGINA: Diann Coates
Regional Manager, Neil Squire Society
PH: (306) 781-6023
EMAIL: diannc@neilsquire.ca

Manager of R&D
PH: (604) 412-7599
EMAIL: harryl@neilsquire.ca

Principal Investigator

Dr. Gary Birch, PhD, P.Eng.
Neil Squire Society
Executive Director and Director of Research & Development


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