Christmas, in a nutshell. Or an LJ post.

So as previously stated, the two of us packed it up on the 23rd of the month and booked it on down to Pembroke for Christmas. As usual, it went over with the required amount of hillarity. Unusually, the frustration/irritation that comes with managed to hold off at least until we got a ride back up here. I think, personally, they did that strictly for Jessica’s (samari76) benefit. Lord knows I’m used to the way things usually turn out. Since everyone else on the flist’s doing it practically, I figure I might as well prattle off what I ended up walking away with from the whole Christmas thing. I got:
  • CSI seasons 1 and 8 on DVD
  • A couple of different card games from the girlfriend
  • A DVD player with surround-sound speakers
  • The 2008 country hits CD (will be stuck on the computer next week)
  • A couple of sweaters, one from mom and dad and one from the brother and his wife
  • A coin storage thingie… I guess people were getting scared at the sheer size of my wallet’s change holder
  • A new one of said wallets from the grandparents, came equipped with $10, for which my broke ass was quite appreciative
  • … And a partrage in a pare tree.
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We had, as usual, the dinner of teh awesomes. Typical spread for our folks; terkey, stuffing (both stove top and home made), potatoes, and about half a billion different varieties of all things green and/or healthy. There were movies watched, though it doesn’t sound like mom got to watch all the ones she was hoping for… she has her selection of movies/shows she likes to watch in the week or two coming up to Christmas. I know she got to see a few of them, but I think the list of ones she didn’t see this year was longer. Boxing day, A.K.A yesterday, was our return trip to Ottawa. The parentals dropped us off, and the brother thing plus wifey came along mostly because they were in the area at the time. Which I guess worked out, since apparently dad needed a hand to set up the DVD player. Which didn’t quite get set up as it is; the only thing those particular two were intent on agreeing with each other about yesterday was that it wasn’t working. We did have a bit of a Christmas party on the 24th, but it was pretty much just members of the family sitting around with drinks in our hand, shooting the shit and listening to music. Jessica got introduced to several more of my relatives, including aunt Holly’s husband, Mike, and their daughter, Sherry (aliases: queen dramatus persona, wicked bitch of the north, and madam complains a lot). She was introduced to the brother’s niece, his sister-in-law, and… a whole shit ton of others. Christmas day was more meetings as she got to meet Trish’s parents and brothers, seeing as we had to drop off their givts anyway. After the parentals left yesterday, we sat around and talked for a bit, had supper, and dug ourselves out from the mountain of email that had accumulated since we left. Now, at too goddamn early in the goddamn morning on a goddamn saturday, we’re both up and figuring on catching up with our LJ postings. My body decided it was done sleeping, and I think my being up and wandering around out here might have provoked her to get up. Oops.

I’ve had a hell of an awesome week so far, the only black spot on it being that tomorrow I have to bring myself to get her to the bus station, so we can get back to doing our own thing on our own side of the border until who the hell knows. Either way it’ll be way too damn long, in my blatantly honest opinion. But the week as it’s been so far has definitely made me look forward to the next time. We crack jokes about how each of us is more than likely just counting down the hours until the other one’s finally getting back on the bus and leaving, but the truth is she has no idea how anticipated the chance is to start counting down the hours until one of us actually goes to do the visiting. As for right now though, we’re both up way earlier than either of us would like to be, so methinks it’s time I either contemplate preparing mass amounts of caffeine for immediate consumption, or get one/both of us back under the covers. This whole not sleeping past like 6:30 stuff? Yeah. Die in a goddamn fire.

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