That’s my wonderful ISP.

I’ll randomly post articles from technology related sites on here at times, mostly to point out the utter moronicness of the situations in question. Techdirt gets nominated as my source for local stupidity. Bell Canada. My ever so wonderful, often mocked but still ever so wonderful ISP, has just been caught pulling a Comcast in regards to its trafic throttling activities. At the moment it’s only, apparently, third party companies reselling DSL services that are getting hit with it. Roughly translated, meaning it’s only third party companies that know about it/have reported it. Frankly I’ve suspected, but well, seeing as I don’t exactly have a second internet connection with which to compare results, I can’t exactly prove it. Say, anyone with Rogers wanna let me borrow their intarwebz? I kid, o’course. Sadly I cringe at the idea of going with Rogers too. But that’s for other reasons on which I may later elabourate. Maybe. And if properly bribed. Still. This article officially gives +2 to suckitude.

I’ve bitched them out on multiple occasions for various reasons before. And I’ll do it again dammit. Now looking for apartments and employment in the US.

Edit: I can be convinced to reconsider lesser ISP’s.

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