Don’t spike her coffee again. Now go pick up some trash or something.

The nurse with the afore mentioned medication problem pretty much gets off with a slap on the wrist, after pleeding guilty to drugging her co-workers. Now, she gets community service. I honestly have no idea what the hell the prosecuter was thinking letting that go. But, then, all we really know about the guilty one other than her name is she’s bipolar. If that was important enough to only warrant the lightest form of punishment possible, I’d really love to have a conversation with the idiot judge that let that slide. I mean, not to trivialize the disorder or anything, but in my honestly not worth much opinion, that’s like practically letting someone off the hook for decking someone because they’d been depressed and just finally lost it. You still haulled off and decked the person. I fully expect at least one of the people she sedated to sue her, or something of that sort. I mean, these people still at the very least were unable to go to work because of her, even if it was only short-term. If it were me, damn right I’d be seeing her in a civil court.

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