What do I do?

Other than devote a little time every day to blogging, there’s a lot I’m getting around with doing. I’m taking as much time to learn the ins and outs of linux–currently Gentoo, as well as keeping up with just about anything to do with developments in the Windows environment. I maintain computer systems for family and friends, as well as perform the occasional experiment with my own, admittedly amateur, network. I have a girlfriend and several friends in the US who I occasionally drop in to say hello to–because of that, you may see a bit of a US perspective on some of my entries. And, I continuously look for ways to generate an income. With the economy being what it is, and job opportunities being at a premium, the looking doesn’t often take me all that long. Which, conveniently enough, leaves me plenty free to pay more attention to everything else. Logic even I can’t argue with.

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