Who am I?

I’ve been trying to figure that out for several years. What I’ve come to, though, may or may not amount to anything of interest to anyone other than me. But, since you’re reading, I’ll just assume it does.

I’m a 32-year-old living in Ottawa, Ontario. My background is mostly computer related, with interests aside from that lying in music, and the occasional urge to get creative–hence, at least part of the reason for the blog’s existance–among other things. I’m the proud uncle of two baby boys, pictures of whom may or may not end up decorating the site on an occasion or two. I’m very well known for not shying away from an opinion, and have shared it on more than several occasions with just about anyone who’d like to listen.

Presently I’m between jobs, having worked for Dell Computers before its office in Ottawa was shut down–you can find my documentation of that event over here. I’ve taken to going back to school now, putting the skills I already have on paper in the hopes that someone might decide I’m worth paying for them. If you know anyone who might want to, send them my way.

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