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Comments are completely open on this blog. Spam is usually caught immediately and moderated, but legitimate discussion is permitted without restriction to take place where it’s needed. If, for any reason, your comments haven’t been published, feel free to let me know. There are a few rules, however, where commenting on this site is concerned.

  • Keep it semi-civil. I hate drama, and I hate flame wars. If you’ve got problems with a commenter, take it up with them privately. If you’ve got problems with me, see the contact link above.
  • No spamming. At all. Spammers belong under a bus. If you want to be one, you won’t be commenting here-see my above paragraph re: spam and moderation. It takes no effort to moderate you, and less to ban you.

See? Not hard to follow at all. If you have questions, contact me–again, link’s above. If you have complaints, I’ll refer you here.

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