Formspring now has me. Breakage may or may not occur.

I’m now on formspring. I have absolutely no idea why, other than random curiosity. It, naturally, may or may not be used. In the event it gets used, there’s a thinggy in the right sidebar if you’re eyeing up the website directly–right above the twitter stream. If you don’t feel like hopping over to the site to ask me something pointless/random/whatever, you can now easily do it from here. If I think the question can be expanded on and/or discussed, it may just end up a topic for blogging’s sake. If not, well, keep trying. I might. If I even use it at all–which, surprisingly, is likely.

Also: if you happen to be on Twitter, drop me a line. I’ll be posting my questions and answers there. Besides, you like conversation–don’t you?